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My Magdalene

Like a palm full of stars
In the punch drunk moments
Of life - searching for soberness
Your brown starlit eyes splashed upon me
& washed away all that was grievous

Aware of what I had been,

Upon wrinkled logs,
Down the most desolate
Of rivers, I paddled,
& drifted forwards
Praying it be towards my redemption

…Moving aimlessly through the mooning night
My eyes began squinting before the trail of light
And I, upon my simple vessel
bobbing on the border of oceans…

Where on the banks, houses with
Open eyes contemplated the dawn

From my shoulder blade
Felt the brushing of your hand
Upon my arm - the support of your presence

And for the first time in my being
As you floated silently beside me

I knew I belonged


Washington, DC: March from the White House to General Atomics to protest the Obama administration’s drone war. Caskets representing those murdered were placed outside General Atomics, a company that produces drones. April 13, 2013

Photos by Jenna Pope

(via thepeacefulterrorist)

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